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We have over two decades of experience in the interior design & build industry, providing human-centric and bespoke creative service.

We specialize in Workplace, Residential, and Show Flat project while offering Design Consultancy, or full Design and Build services. Our studio operates in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese making it flexible for our clients. Set up in 2005 in Hong Kong, we have been carrying out projects in both Hong Kong & China.

YO Design is a leading interior design studio set up by Yuen Lam and Olivia Lee.


Great ideas come from challenges.

We enjoy rising to challenges through developing innovative design solutions.

The key to a successful project is not just great ideas but also listening to each client and understanding their needs. We believe integrated design is the best way to get a good result and we can offer that across technology, lighting, furniture, IT, MEP, acoustic, green & wellness. 

Design should be enjoyable, and we strive to make the process a delightful experience for all involved. We hope you can become one of our happy clients!


Meet Yuen & Olivia

Lam Cham Yuen YO Design


Yuen, Lam Cham Yuen

Yuen is one of the directors of YO Design. He has accumulated over 20 years of professional experience in the interior design industry. He is mainly responsible for the creation of design directions and detailed development. His versatility is reflected by his portfolio, which includes hospitality, show suites, residential, retail, and corporate interiors for various prestigious clients in Hong Kong & China. 


With an insatiable passion for the art of interior design, Yuen participates in most of the design projects from space planning to material selection, detailing & furniture selection. He is expertise and efficiency in transforming ideas into a three-dimensional concept. Yuen’s works reflect each project’s unique character with his contemporary touch, taking inspiration from the Asian culture, art, and nature. Yuen pays meticulous attention to all design and construction details. His talent enables him to bring international & Asia design awards for YO Design. 


Yuen plays a significant role in the design discipline at YO Design.


Olivia, Lee Ming Yan

Olivia Lee Ming Yan YO Design

With over 20 years of experience in the design & construction industry, Olivia began her career in local & international design firms. She has been commissioned to provide innovative and yet functional design solutions for various multi-national corporate clients including banks, telecommunications, insurance, and financial institutions. She has developed all-round skills from scratch to completion.

Later on, Olivia and Yuen founded YO Design in 2005. Their first launch of the project won an international award and soon receives recognition from clients and the local industry.


Olivia focuses on developing corporate interior design, construction strategy, and project management. She is familiar and hands-on at each of her projects. Gaining a deep understanding of the client’s desires, bringing forward the new ideas about how to improve or change the workplace, working with multi-disciplines specialists, orchestrating them all into one plate, and driving the project to success.


Her excellent management skill and tasteful but concrete design principle always gain trust from the clients. 


We have accomplished some outstanding interiors with prestigious clients.

DFS Hong Kong Headquarters


YO Design continues to evolve and progress through a scope of challenging and diverse projects.

Find out some of our remarkable achievements here.

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